Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colon Hydrotherapy: a neater, cleaner way to prepare for colonoscopies

It is often said that the prep for a colonoscopy is worse than the procedure itself.   The traditional prep involves fasting and drinking laxatives in order to thoroughly clean the colon before the procedure.   That means staying close to a bathroom during the laxative portion of the prep.  This prep is not only unpleasant, it is also has adverse side effects as recently reported by the FDA.  See the following link:

Colon hydrotherapy, combined with fasting, is a more dignified and convenient preparation for the procedure, and is approved by the FDA. 

One of my clients, whose gastroenterologist had tried unsuccessfully to perform a colonoscopy three different times following Phospho-soda prep, had a successful procedure following prep with colonics and fasting.  Her doctor was thrilled with the results using colonics.

Colon hydrotherapy is a more comfortable way to prepare for colonoscopies and sygmoidoscopies, without the use of chemicals.  It is safe and effective.  Please contact me directly to discuss your options for appointment times.  I will work with you to ensure that you have a successful procedure!