Saturday, August 22, 2015

To everything there is a season...

Just like in the song by The Byrds, there is a season for everything. This fall I will be transitioning from Inner Health Colon Hydrotherapy to Juice on Main, a cold pressed, organic juice and smoothie bar in Medfield. We don't have the exact opening date yet, though we hope to be up and running by the end of September.

As with all changes, I have very mixed feelings. I am really excited about opening Juice on Main. Juicing has amazing health benefits and fits with my personal and professional mission of helping people improve their health. 

I am sad about winding down with Inner Health, which I opened in 2004. During this time I have been blessed to share your journey to better health and will miss you. 

I am exploring ways to keep Inner Health running and will keep you informed of changes as they develop.   Right now I am open to different possibilities.

As for more practical matters, I will have regular hours for colonics through the month of August. In September I will be working only two days a week. If you have unused sessions that you bought as part of a package, please call to set an appointment to use them. Unused sessions must be done by the end of September. I am very sorry that unused sessions are not refundable. If you are not able to use them and want to transfer them to a friend or family member, we could arrange that.

I will let you know when we open Juice on Main. I look forward to continuing our relationship, and hope to continue to be part of your health journey.

Healthfully yours,

Lori DeLang