Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Want to Stop Sugar Cravings in their Tracks?

Anyone familiar with kefir?  Kefir is a probiotic beverage that is very easy to make.  They sell regular kefir, which is a fermented dairy drink similar to yogurt, in the stores.  However, since most of us avoid dairy products, there is an alternative.  Young coconut kefir.   Read what people are saying about this amazing easy to prepare beverage:

  • It completely stops your cravings for sugar. Imagine the benefits of that!
  • It aids digestion of all foods
  • It has a tonifying affect on the intestines, even flattening the abdomen!
  • It appears to cleanse the liver. In Chinese medicine the liver rules the skin, eyes, and joints. Coconut water kefir eases aches and joint pains. Many people report having a prettier complexion. They experience the brown liver spots on the skin fading away and skin tags, moles, or warts drying up and disappearing. Vision also improves
  • It contains high levels of valuable minerals, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which explains why the hair, skin and nails become stronger and have a prettier shine.
  • It appears to have a beneficial, cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries). Women find that their periods are cleaner and healthier; some who had experienced early menopause have found this important monthly cleansing returning again.
  • It increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of good health.
I have included a link with directions on how to prepare.  It's not as hard as it looks!
It can also be purchased pre-made by visiting .  Please let me know if you make it.  I would love to hear your results!!

Have a great day!!

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